It Takes Just One



It takes JUST ONE to make a difference:

One Act

One Individual

One Community

One Ripple


Which One will you choose?


And thank you for Passing it On



Want to find out more about Karibuni?  Listen to the latest episode of Inspiration!  on the theme of Making a Difference with guests, Federica Volla and Gianfranco Ranieri of Karibuni.  You can also find out more about Karibuni at

We are delighted to be supporting Karibuni to build One Chicken House. Each house accommodates 500 chickens that produce eggs which in turn will contribute to providing meals for the 760 pupils in the Karibuni schools in Kenya. To join us , you can connect at

To find out more about how you can join the Wellness Universe One Ripple Campaign  on 21 September 2017, please visit

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