What’s It All About Anyway


1.      What is breaks with purpose?

Breaks with purpose is inspired by the experiences of Sharon Smith, author of the #1 International Bestseller on Amazon, Eat Gelato: Find happiness and inspiration within and the forthcoming Breaks with Purpose: How to discover your passions, explore possibilities and have new or renewed purpose, whatever your age!

Sharon took a career break a few years ago and embarked on a period of exploration to discover her passions and explore possibilities to have the life and career she loved.  Inspired by her experiences, she shares lessons from her journey in the books and is passionate about inspiring other professionals who are ready to find more meaning and fulfillment or who, left unchecked, are heading for burn-out, to discover or rediscover their passions, explore possibilities and live purpose-filled lives.

2.      I don’t have time to take a break.

Breaks with purpose is about taking time out to get clarity about what is important.  The break can be 10 minutes a day, a mini break or a career break.  If you can only spare 10 minutes a day, start with that.

3.      I have commitments and I don’t have the luxury of having a career break. Is this relevant for me?

A career break or sabbatical is not for everyone.  The reality is you don’t need to take a career break to get clarity – just stop, make time every day.

4.      I have had to work hard for everything I have, I can’t stop now.

Taking breaks with purpose does not require you to give anything up.  If you love what you do or find meaning and purpose in what you are doing or what it enables you to do, that is fine.  What matters is that you have clarity about what is important for you so that you are not postponing happiness or living for someday.

5.      I have to take care of myself, I can’t afford to worry about other people.

This is your journey.  Breaks with purpose is about getting clarity about what is important to you, what you are passionate about, what brings you joy.  However if you would like to embark on a journey of self-discovery and at the same time make a difference, you can join a Purpose Break.

6.      I don’t have time for mini breaks. What would be the point of joining?

Breaks with purpose is not just about travel.  We love to learn and to share resources and teachers and mentors that we have come across.  We love community and we hope you will join the social group and connect with other members.

7.      I don’t like to travel.  Should I still join?

Breaks with purpose is not just travel. However we love to travel and we would love to inspire you to join us on a Discover-u Break or a Purpose Break.

8.      Do I have to join The Club?

No you don’t.  The Club is not for everyone.  However why not visit our website and if you would like to know if it is for you, schedule a complimentary call with a consultant.

9.      How much is my investment?

It will depend on your selection.  Espresso starts from £100 a year.

10.   What do I get?

Again it will depend on your selection.

Espresso: you receive a daily inspiration message; the monthly Inspiration! interview and access to our international guests; quarterly Discover your Passions workshop; you receive special member rate for online courses and live events; and you are part of a community who share your interests in learning, travel and making a difference.

Gelato: in addition to the above, you have among other things a copy of Eat Gelato and a Discover-u Break to Italy.

Prosecco: this is tailor-made.

11.   I prefer to learn myself and through my own experience.

This is a journey of self-discovery.  You can take everything at your own pace and in your own time.  Joining us on a Discover-u Break or Purpose Break is optional.

12.   I don’t use social media.  Will I miss out on anything?

We don’t use much social media so no you won’t miss out on anything.  However you will need to have access to email and the internet so that you can access our communications and resources and join the calls.

13.   Will I meet other members?

If you decide to join a class or attend a live event you will have the opportunity to meet other participants and members.

14.   Can I tell a friend?

Yes please do and if you and a friend join at the same time and the same level, you will each receive a welcome bonus.

15.   What is my next step?

Simply enter your name and email and message now at http://www.breakswithpurpose.com/contact and we will get in touch with you.