Join Sharon Smith and Guests in conversation for Series 2 of Inspiration!  Sharon’s guests are successful leaders and influencers and the intention for this series is to offer positive messages and to leave you inspired and ready to take action in your own life, business or career.

Following the success of Series 1 with guests Debra Poneman, Jessica McGregor Johnson, Gerard O’Donovan, Teresa de Grosbois, Chris Attwood, Jennifer McLean, Steve Witt and Simona Barbier, Series 2 begins May 2017.


 Episode 1 – Positive Jessica

Positive Jessica is an international transformational speaker, trainer, web-marketer and National director of the Passion Test programs.

Over the past 4 years, she has developed her online business reaching several hundreds of thousands of people both in the French and English speaking countries. Jessica provides tools and knowledge for gaining greater clarity on what is truly important and accompanying you to discover what it is you are deeply most passionate about in life. Jessica provides simple yet powerful insights that enable you to make decisions that serve you, that lead you onto the path to start living the life you are supposed to be living, aligned with your destiny, a life filled with fun, love and success.  Jessica’s mission is “To Inspire Positive Transformation in Millions of Lives Internationally”.


Episode 2 – Ulrike Berzau

Ulrike Berzau, MM, MHS, PT, FACHE, is passionate about leading individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve exceptional results. She has extensive experience as a healthcare executive, received many leadership and quality awards, and led two hospitals to being recognized with the Hospital of Choice Award, one even in the top ten in the nation.

Ulrike is the co-author of the international bestseller Imagine a Healthy You, an executive certified coach and consultant, and the national account manager for the Passion Test for Business/ASAP Engagement Consulting. She holds master’s degrees in management and in health science, physical therapy, and is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Coming soon!


Episode 1 – Debra Poneman

Debra began transforming lives in the 1970’s when she taught meditation to thousands around the world and studied at the feet of the greatest spiritual masters of the east — often in deep meditation for 10 to 12 hours a day and complete silence for weeks at a time.

Then in the 1980’s Debra immersed herself in the knowledge of the great Masters of western metaphysical thought and founded Yes to Success Seminars bringing then radical ideas like “your thoughts create your reality” into the mainstream.

Within a few short years, Debra’s seminars were being taught in cities across the US and in seven countries on four continents – before the days of the internet.  Debra appeared regularly on TV and radio and in print.  Using the knowledge they learned on how to create a life of true success and abundance, her students went on to become mega-successful entrepreneurs, NY Times bestselling authors, millionaires, billionaires—even household names.  As a sought-after corporate trainer, her clients included McDonnell Douglas, Mattel Toys, and the Xerox Management Group—at a time when it was practically unheard of for women to go in and transform companies.

In 1988, at the height of her success, on the verge of launching a national TV show, Debra walked away from her career and disappeared from the public eye for almost 25 years when she chose to follow a different passion.

Now a best-selling author, world renowned speaker, and the co-founder of Your Year of Miracles mentoring program for women, with thousands of students from over 50 countries around the world, Debra has taken the idea of success and abundance to a whole new level as she now teaches how to actually create miracles in your life.


Episode 2 – Jessica McGregor Johnson

Jessica’s number one passion is to “Empower people to go out and live their life to the full”.

To live her purpose she offers life guidance and mentoring to people who feel they are at a crossroads in their life.  They know that there must be more meaning than they are currently experiencing and she guides them to discover themselves anew, identify their true passions, and live them, whether it be in their work or personal life.


Episode 3 – Gerard O’Donovan

Gerard O’Donovan’s unique training style and insight into business-building philosophies coupled with his boundless energy, make him one of the best of only a small number of professional consultants and peak performance coaches who have actually done it themselves.  Not only does he travel the world developing and consulting with businesses and individuals but he also currently owns and runs two large businesses himself.  One of these he started in November 1995 and within 24 months developed into an organisation of over 9,000 people working within 11 countries worldwide.

Gerard specialises in helping people achieve peak performance in everything they do.  Goal achievement, stress management, time management and helping corporations to increase profits massively through increased sales and personal performance are just a few of the areas in which he works.  Incorporating accelerated learning skills as a basis to much of his training facilitates greater absorption, retention and application of the topics involved. His unique training and teaching has been proven again and again to make a lasting difference.  When working with corporations and individuals Gerard’s mission is very simple – he will be your guide on your quest to be all that you can be.

As the owner and CEO of Noble Manhattan, the world’s longest established -professional coach training company – currently trading in 27 countries  – a successful company that wants to share its success with you, Gerard’s motto is Fortune Favours the Prepared Mind.  It is by this that he lives his life wishing to prepare the minds of others by the application of a diverse range of methods.


Episode 4 – Teresa de Grosbois

Teresa de Grosbois is an international speaker sought by entrepreneurs and large corporations wanting to better understand how local word of mouth can suddenly turn epidemic. Specializing in the topics of influence and success, Teresa has a proven track-record in understanding word of mouth epidemics having taken three books to best-seller status in only 8 months. Teresa teaches business and marketing courses around the globe, including teaching courses to start-up entrepreneurs in developing countries.

As the Chair of the Evolutionary Business Council, Teresa leads an international, invitation-only council of speakers and influencers dedicated to teaching the principles of success.

As a business leader, reacting to change can be an opportunity or challenge. But what about your ability to influence change?


Episode 5 – Chris Attwood

Chris Attwood is co-author of the New York Times bestsellers, The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose, and Your Hidden Riches – Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose.  With his business partner and ex-wife, Janet Bray Attwood, he has built a global brand with over 1,500 Passion Test facilitators in more than 60 countries.

Over the past 30 years, Chris has been CEO or senior executive of fifteen companies including a secondary dealer in government securities, a software development company, a magazine publishing company, an international recruiting company, and a software usability company for which he sold millions of dollars in consulting and training services to companies like Ford Motor Company, Dell Computer, Sprint, Royal Bank of Canada, Mellon Bank and others.

After resigning as President of a government securities dealer in the early 1980s, Chris took 10 years for his own inner development, spending 8-10 hours a day in deep meditation. During this time he extensively studied the Vedic literature of India and the functioning of human consciousness.

During the past ten years Chris has become one of the leading figures in the transformational industry, having put together some of the major strategic alliances in this industry, including his key role in arranging 70% of the interviews for the book and movie phenomenon, The Secret, which has been viewed by an estimated 200 million people, and sold over 20 million books worldwide. Chris is a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council created by Jack Canfield.


Episode 6 – Jennifer McLean

For almost 30 years, Jennifer McLean has served as a heart-centered and mindful spiritual catalyst and healing facilitator, guiding hundreds of thousands to transmute their deepest fears, blocks, and old beliefs into new levels of alignment, growth, health, wholeness and abundance.

Growing up in an alcoholic family and having survived years of middle school bullying, childhood sexual abuse, and cancer, Jennifer has used her life challenges as opportunities and gifts to become an internationally acclaimed Healer, Author, Speaker, Wellness Entrepreneur, Business Coach and Transformational Change Agent.

Her intention is to amplify and deliver healing teachings and guidance from her own voice and through transformational thought and wellness leaders. This has allowed her to strategically build McLean MasterWorks to an international, consciousness-based entity reaching almost 1 million subscribers.

Her transformational programs not only reach the masses but also business owners and entrepreneurs, to support and empower human growth and evolvement, igniting shifts in perception for business-from-the-heart and increased global consciousness.

McLean MasterWorks is the hub to renowned sub-brands Healing With The Masters, MasterWorks Healing Membership Site, Spontaneous Transformation, and Living Your Success Signature Business.


Episode 7 – Steve Witt

Steve Witt is the Managing Director of The Travel Franchise and the travel agency Not Just Travel which has over 14 years of success in the travel industry.

Having created one of the UK‘s largest and most successful web hosting companies, Steve sold the business before investing in the creation of Not Just Travel and then The Travel Franchise. This investment coupled with his entrepreneurial skills have led to the rapid growth of the business.

Together with his business partner Paul Harrison, Steve’s passion for helping small business owners grow and expand has led to the creation of a unique ‘Millionaires Retreat’ and new training programmes for franchisees.


Episode 8 – Simona Barbieri

Mum of three, CEO and Founder of Hub Dot, Simona Barbieri is passionate about disrupting the way women network. A former Goldman Sachs suit turned jazz singer, Simona saw the women around her as passionate individuals with multifaceted lives but whose stories and synergy would never meet because of the societal labels that defined them – a title, a job description, a cv. Starting three years ago with 98 women around her kitchen table she began changing this status quo and launched Hub Dot, a global movement that gives women the freedom to explore and start a conversation that begins ‘What is your story?’ and not, ‘What do you do?’ In celebrating their totality, Simona has changed the way women communicate, giving them the opportunity to make authentic connections that can turn into something extraordinary. Something that can and does impact and change lives.